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Science is the disciplined study of the natural world.

Our series for primary level is prepared with a clear and logical presentation of the basic concepts and principles of science. The main purpose of this series is to create curiosity among the young children to know about various natural phenomena so that they develop scientific attitude from the beginning.

Our series for elementary level deals with Physics, Chemistry and Biology. All concepts are well explained using suitable diagram and experiments.

163 Sagar Everyday Science–I र 128.00
164 Sagar Everyday Science–II र 148.00
165 Sagar Everyday Science–III र 168.00
166 Sagar Everyday Science–IV र 188.00
167 Sagar Everyday Science–V र 198.00
JC19 Sagar Modern Science– VI र 220.00
JC20 Sagar Modern Science– VII र 228.00
JC21 Sagar Modern Science– VIII र 248.00
JC19A र 110.00
JC20B र 115.00
JC21C र 125.00