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Mathematics is an essential tool in many fields evolving from counting, calculations and measurement.

Our series for primary level aims at developing core mathematical concepts and problem solving skills in students along with logical and lateral thinking. It fosters positive attitude and encourages students to enjoy and value mathematics as subject.

Our series for elementary level aim to explain and familiarizes students of the mathematical concepts through bold perspective keeping in view the level of students.

141 Sagar Interactive Mathematics–Intro. र 168.00
142 SagarInteractive Mathematics–I र 188.00
143 SagarInteractive Mathematics–II र 198.00
144 SagarInteractive Mathematics–III र 198.00
145 SagarInteractive Mathematics–IV र 218.00
146 SagarInteractive Mathematics–V र 228.00
JC25 SagarModern Mathematics–VI र 258.00
JC26 SagarModern Mathematics–VII र 268.00
JC27 SagarModern Mathematics–VIII र 268.00
JC28 र 170.00
JC29 र 170.00
JC30 र 170.00
I106 Sagar Aryabhatta Mathematics-I र 188.00
I107 Sagar Aryabhatta Mathematics-II र 198.00
I108 SagarAryabhatta Mathematics-III र 200.00
I109 SagarAryabhatta Mathematics-IV र 208.00
I110 SagarAryabhatta Mathematics-V र 210.00
I111 SagarAryabhatta Mathematics-VI र 278.00
I112 SagarAryabhatta Mathematics-VII र 288.00
I113 SagarAryabhatta Mathematics-VIII र 298.00