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Class I to VIII

English Grammar & conversation

English Grammar & conversation

Grammar is the foundation of the language. It teaches us different structures used in the language, their proper place, their use and their functioning. Our Grammar series guide and compels children to think independently and to use language intelligently and creatively. It is a perfect combination of the systematic development of language and communicative competence.

I75 Sagar Modern English Grammar & Composition-I 108.00
I76 Sagar Modern English Grammar & Composition–II 118.00
I77 Sagar Modern English Grammar & Composition–III 138.00
I78 Sagar Modern English Grammar & Composition–IV 148.00
I79 Sagar Modern English Grammar & Composition–V 158.00
N046 Neetu Translation Grammar & Composition–I 46.00
N047 Neetu Translation Grammar & Composition–II 46.00
N048 Neetu Translation Grammar & Composition–III 46.00
N049 Neetu Translation Grammar & Composition–IV 48.00
N050 Neetu Translation Grammar & Composition–V 55.00
N051 Neetu Conversation–I 38.00
N052 Neetu Conversation–II 38.00
N053 Neetu Conversation–III 38.00
N054 Neetu Conversation–IV 34.00
N055 Neetu Conversation–V 34.00